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Nature and green space are highly valued for their stress-reducing properties. Taking in the sounds and sights of nature can almost instantly make one feel more relaxed and release mental and physical tension.

Agnes E. van den Berg et al., “Health Benefits of nature” in “environmental psychology. an introduction”, eds. linda steg & judith I.m. de groot

In my view of my profession, mindfulness and photography are one and the same career path. I taught myself mindfulness through the lens of my camera first and it was photographing nature that proved to be most gratifying.

There was a time when I would start my day by making myself a cup of coffee, taking it into the garden, and greeting all the plants in the garden out loud. I inspected the blossoming flowers, forming leaves, stems, colours, and patterns of this leafy bunch. It was delightful. It was also a way to focus on the present moment and realize that there is a vast and charming world in the macro-verse of plants.

I haven’t shifted my gaze ever since. Looking closely at the flora around me is what I do now. It’s a self-starting mechanism when the pressure of life overwhelms me.

There is scientific research to support the benefit of what I have been doing instinctively. Engaging with nature with a present mind has a restorative effect on us (Kaplan & Kaplan in “The Experience of Nature”). It also happens to be the perfect setting for mindfulness practices that are used nowadays to improve mental health in a number of crises.

Have a look at the photos below and see what they do for you…

I took them recently on a wondrous journey through the district of Mazury in Northern Poland.

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