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O Rzut Kamieniem – Przejścia (A Stone’s Throw Away – Transitions)

I had the pleasure to document the opening of the latest exhibition of the “O Rzut Kamieniem” (A Stone’s Throw Away ) art collective created by two visual artists: Joanna Dziewanowska-Stefańczyk and Marta Łabęcka. We recorded on the opening day and followed it up with an in-depth chat about the meaning of the presented works and artistic journeys of both artists in the studio. I am presenting here the fascinating conversation and art exhibition report. The material is in Polish.

About the exhibition:

The exhibition took place in Jazdów, Warsaw, in Rotacyjny Dom Kultury (a field art centre) that welcomes independent artists, art collectives, and a variety of grass root initiatives run by Dom Kultury Śródmieście. It opened on 02.04.2023.

The exhibition concluded an art journey of self-discovery and introspection of artistic roots. It was a closure of a project that consisted of two components presented to the public independently. The first one was a short film called “Red Earth” that was shot in Marta’s home village, Omięcin. The film, a masterpiece in itself, served as a space for the dialogue of ideas between the two artists. The second component was an exhibition in a non-artistic space, a fire station, in Joanna’s family village of Naruszewo. The rural setting in which the works were shown functioned as a platform to bring the creative ideas into the public space in order to examine them.

The Jazdów project is therefore where the threads of previous deliberations are woven together. The concept of the Red Earth and Naruszewo as the sources of artistic identity is central. Other topics that the artists are exploring include: belonging; identity; femininity; the overlooked work of women; the act of celebrating and consecrating.

About the artists:

Joanna Dziewanowska-Stefańczyk: Artist, based in Warsaw.  She graduated from the Faculty of Painting and the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Art Works at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her diverse practice includes canvas painting, graphics, tapestry and painting on silk. She draws inspiration from everyday items and locations related to her childhood spent in the countryside.

She is  also interested in community practices with the participation of other artists, combining various fields of art. She organizes and takes part in collective artistic activities, which are currently focused on women’s work and intergenerational relations. Her work has been shown in a number of group and solo exhibitions in galleries worldwide. Her portfolio can be found here.

Marta Łabęcka: Artist, animator, educator, Marta combines her love for art with education and cultural animation. In her art, she explores and reinterprets local art heritage by designing fabrics, costumes, and computer graphics. Marta is currently working with a public institution in Szydłowiec, Poland – Pracownia Historii Szydłowca, where she organizes art projects for the local community that aim to explore the local histories, traditions and heritage. She is based in Szydłowiec, Poland.

Marta Łabęcka (left) and Joanna Dziewanowska-Stefańczyk (right), fot. Bartosz Dziewanowski-Stefańczyk


My special thanks go to the Free Range Productions studio in Warsaw where we recorded the interview.

The music in the recording is by a phenomenal Polish folk fiddler Katarzyna Zedel who performed with her band on the opening day.

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